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In a year that's been full of disruptions, do you feel your Year 6 pupils will be prepared for KS3 Geography in September? Our 'Be Geography Ready' unit aims to ensure that they are. Check out our blog for more details: #PrimaryGeography #Year6 https://t.co/cButZOQx5L Read More

Apr 12 2021, 1:01 pm


A small company run by two former University lecturers who specialised in geography and history in the primary school. Our Key to the National Curriculum resources have won publishing awards from the Geographical Association and from Teach Primary Magazine.

• our standard units are strictly National Curriculum compliant

• we teach geography through a place, so there is a real context for children’s knowledge and skills. Each unit supplies concise subject knowledge, maps and all of the resources needed to deliver high quality geography (KS1 a small areas and KS2 regions- place knowledge) whilst covering map skills, locational knowledge and human and physical geography, in a real life context all in one unit on an easy to follow plan

• we like children to know when they are doing geography/history, in the same way as when they do maths or phonics they do know what subject they are doing.

• we recognise that many teachers who teach geography/history are not specialists, so our materials on a USB key include worksheets, PPT, maps,
photos, and subject knowledge so that skilled teachers can organise exciting lessons but with everything to hand, reducing planning time

• each unit comprises an A3 planning document which is in effect a medium term plan and includes (subject knowledge, purpose, starters, activities,
assessment opportunities, plenaries)

• we offer advice on curriculum development and bespoke units (Geography KS1 My School, My School Grounds, the Surrounding Environment, KS2 The Geography of my Local Area and for History, Famous Local People, and the History of my Local Area). 

In addition to these activities we offer a range of artefact based global teaching materials and we take groups of primary school teachers on study visits to The Gambia.



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