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About Widgit

Widgit Symbols are used worldwide to support people and help them realise their full potential, no matter what their age, ability or background. A reading or language difficulty can prevent children from accessing learning. It can make reading text in maths, science and other curriculum subjects challenging, and it can be hard for teachers to meet the needs of these children. Widgit Symbols support teaching and learning to ensure that children can access and understand texts within lessons

The Endeavor Academy

To aid with visual support the Endeavour Academy use Widgit Symbols throughout the school and residential home with all students. They use Widgit Symbols for labelling, signage, now and next boards, visual timetables, social stories, PECS books, routines, transitions. They also have Widgit Symbols on their website to reinforce the symbols to parents, carers and other visitors to their website.See how Endeavour Academy are using Widgit to support communication, education and understanding in the video below:

“I can’t really quantify the impact of Widgit within the school without saying it’s just amazing!

Without having access to the symbols and the programs we would not be able to function as a school. These children would not be able to go through the day as they do independently.”

Headteacher at Endeavour Academy

The Impact of Symbols on Vocabulary

Rose Brooks, Advisory Teacher for the Babcock Communication and Interaction Team, led a project in Devon Primary Schools as part of a PhD at Sheffield University, Health and Communication Sciences department to explore the impact of vocabulary using different teaching methods that included symbols. To see the full report click on the image below.


Widgit have hundreds of symbol resource packs which support the National Curriculum and have been crafted in partnership with professionals.

To see our broad range of resources: https://www.widgit.com/resources/index.htm

Free Resources

Ensure your pupils are using the correct hand washing sequence

A selection of social interaction cards from Widgit’s Autism Support Pack

Templates and advice on creating a Communication Friendly Environment

Cut and stick the planets in the correct locations on the solar system map

Widgit Symbol Update 2021 – More Inclusive, More relevant, More Symbols

To support self-expression and vocabulary comprehension for our users, we have released a major update to the Widgit Symbols to better represent the culture and technology of the world we live in.

The Widgit Community

Our software titles are used around the world by a growing community that shares ideas, inspires each other and is one we take great pride in listening to. We are committed to providing this community with a symbol set which is truly inclusive to all users.

Widgit Online

We would like to offer Widgit Online with FREE and UNRESTRICTED access for 30 days!

Our webinar will demonstrate how to create, print, share and translate symbol materials online!

Join 1000s of teachers and professionals around the world who use Widgit Online to support learning and communication. Quickly create symbol materials and visual supports from 100s of easy to use project templates.

Create and open your symbol materials from any PC, Mac or iPad with an internet connection. No installation needed.

Sue White

Sue Joined the Widgit team in January 2018 having previously been an Advisory Teacher (working across all age ranges) within Communication, Learning and Autism Support Service (CLASS) in East Sussex for over 16 years. She was also a Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator in an East Sussex Primary School for many years and has always been an avid user and supporter of Widgit Symbols and software.

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