Leeds City Council Independent Visitor Scheme

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Mar 18 2021, 3:33 pm

The Independent Visitor Scheme operates to meet the statutory function of the local authority to provide Independent Visitors to children looked after and care experienced young adults up to the age of 21. We recruit and support volunteers who are matched with an individual looked after child with the purpose of providing them with the opportunity to build long term, stable relationships with individuals outside the social care systems.

Typically an Independent Visitor will meet with their young person once a month, engaging them in fun, positive activities outside of their home. The activities undertaken can vary depending on the child’s interests, skills and abilities but can range from things such as going to the cinema, playing sports in the park to go karting and archery. The scheme is funded by the local authority and expenses are provided for activity and travel costs.

Independent Visitors are highly valued by the children and young people who access the service and contribute towards their social, emotional and educational development.

“She tells me jokes and makes me laugh.” K, age 9

“She’s funny, kind and does adventurous things with me.” T, age 13

“We’re both into the same things, like history. He finds it impressive that I know things that he doesn’t even know.” N, age 15

 “She’s very nice, gives good advice, non-judgemental, we get along well and have lots of common interests.” L, age 16

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