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About Widgit

Widgit Symbols in Nursery Schools

Widgit symbols have been used in nursery schools and children’s centres across the UK for many years. 

Symbols can enhance access to learning, reinforce good behaviour expectations, improve independence and choice making, reduce EAL language barriers, support speech and language development and encourage faster academic progress.

Young children can find an environment daunting and hard to navigate. Symbol labelling, signage, visual timetables, choice boards, visual rule reinforcement and educational materials make it easier for young children to access information and feel more confident and independent in the setting.

Staff working in early years settings love using our software and resources as they save time, produce high quality materials, and deliver great outcomes.

Read more about Early Years Settings who have used Widgit Symbols successfully

Visual Supports at Hirst Wood Nursery School

Widgit Symbols being used around nursery to ensure equality of opportunity for all children
Hirst Wood Nursery School is based in the World Heritage Site of Saltaire, Bradford. The school has three classes of children aged 3-4 years. The nursery supports children to develop confidence, independence, and creativity through first-hand experiential learning in a rich, engaging environment

Building independence for children at Claverdon Nursery

The nursery recently switched to widgit’s InPrint 3 software and has found it quick and easy to use
Claverdon Village Nursery in Warwickshire is a daycare provider with 72 childcare places for children aged 0-4 years. The nursery was rated Good by Ofsted and aspires to provide a safe, loving, caring and stimulating environment, where they nurture each child

Free Resources – Click on image below to download

Ensure your pupils are using the correct hand washing sequence

A selection of social interaction cards from Widgit’s Autism Support pack

A simple activity resource to create apple boats

A selection of resources from Widgit’s Symbols at Home pack

A simple activity resource to make a leafy hedgehog

The Widgit Community

Our software titles are used around the world by a growing community that shares ideas, inspires each other and is one we take great pride in listening to. We are committed to providing this community with a symbol set which is truly inclusive to all users.

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We would like to offer Widgit Online with FREE and UNRESTRICTED access for 30 days

Widgit Symbol Update 2021 – More Inclusive, More relevant, More Symbols

To support self-expression and vocabulary comprehension for our users, we have released a major update to the Widgit Symbols to better represent the culture and technology of the world we live in.

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Sue White

Sue Joined the Widgit team in January 2018 having previously been an Advisory Teacher (working across all age ranges) within Communication, Learning and Autism Support Service (CLASS) in East Sussex for over 16 years. She was also a Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator in an East Sussex Primary School for many years and has always been an avid user and supporter of Widgit Symbols and software.

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